Cats have their own special day of the week, called Caturday.

Caturday Kitten

Yes, Caturday.

Caturday is the best time to create LOLcat pics and share them amongst friends.  Most cat pics are shared by forum users and new threads are started every Caturday with an image requesting that cat pics be posted.

It's Caturday post some cats

Caturday is a day where you should take extra special care of your cat.

Pamper your cat on Caturday

6 Comments to “Guide to LOLcats – Caturday!”

  1. Twitchy_Katt Says:

    so exactly what day is caturday? -newbie learning cat-speak-

  2. admin Says:

    Every day is Caturday :)

    But generally cats are posted on Saturdays. Do you see what we did there?

  3. wobuffet3 Says:


  4. assliker Says:


  5. Atzel Says:

    Background on this is a little shit.

    The term caturday originates from 4chan, where Saturday is traditionally Caturday. On caturday, pictures of cats must be posted.

  6. shadow Says:

    no they dont have to be posted on canterday… i mean what if u dont have a cat at the moment (or cat doll)

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