Cats like to play video games.

They're maybe not any good at videogames, but they like them

Their favourite game is Battletoads, often taking after their Japanese owners and cosplaying.

Frog, cat, frog, cat? I dunno.

Usually it's just the hat

But they’re not so good with the new consoles.

This cat are not doing it right

Given the opportunity however, they can cause menace on a handheld.


5 Comments to “Guide to LOLcats – Games”

  1. wobuffet3 Says:

    aww ^^

  2. moe Says:

    =^..^= cats rule!

  3. shadow Says:

    very very funny!

  4. shadow Says:

    sry about second psting but its alsso cute =)!!! good work

  5. kermit Says:

    lolol i zombie to the toad pic


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