LOLCAT – I’M IN UR *blank* *verbing* UR *blank*

Cats are often in something, doing something to something.

In your fridge eating your food

In your couch stealing your change

This phrase originated during a match of a popular RTS game on PC. It is most commonly quoted as being Starcraft although there have been some disputes on exactly which game it was.

While one player was building up their armies the other ‘rushed’ their base, bypassing their defences and began wiping out the other players ‘d00dz’.

Not being able to find the attacker at any of their defences the player typed into chat “dude, where are you?” only to be told “im in ur base, killing ur d00ds“.

This subsequently showed up as an image on the Something Awful forums and was later transformed into a meme, finding a natural home amongst the LOLcats.

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