Are you ready to learn about LOLcats?

Learn about lolcats

LOLcats are an internet phenomenon where people anthropomorphicize [sic] cats by putting a word or phrase on the image and pretend it’s what the cat is thinking or saying.

My attention, you has it

Good then I’ll begin.

LOLcat pictures are also known as cat macros. The origins of which began most likely on an image board known as ’4chan’.  Despite generally being populated by narcissists and paedophiles 4chan members had a soft spot for cats, resulting in the creation of Caturday. This soon made it’s way onto The Something Awful forums where ‘I can has cheezburger’ catapulted these cats into the mainstream.

Sounds weird


Despite being conceived on a board full of degenerates the awesome power of cats has washed away all sin associated with the origins of them. Now lolcats are something you can share with all the family. Indeed some may say cat’s are quite holy.

Ahhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhh

There is even a translation of the bible in cat speak – Lolcat bible.

The only real danger of lolcats are when the power to caption is abused.



An slightly more detailed description of lolcats can be found on wiki – lolcat, alternatively continue reading about lolcat grammar.

All things must change

But I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a change for the better.

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  1. paresh Says:

    nice collection, thanks for sharing.

  2. ejes Says:

    can i has lolcode?

  3. Cinnamingirl Says:

    Again with the swiping of comics from xkcd. Please link them.

  4. admin Says:

    Done, apologies :)

  5. girlie111 Says:


  6. girlie111 Says:

    i have a cat that does that stuff

  7. none ya Says:

    those r cute pics

  8. TrixieStix Says:

    Back in the early 2000′s, there was a collection of car fanatics who started posting pictures of their pets (usually cats), and other members of the forums would attach quirky or witty captions and repost them. This is the earliest documented lolcat forum I’ve seen and am proud to have been a part of it.

    It was called VADriven.

    Check it out for yourselves! >^.^<

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