Lolcats don’t eat like normal cats. Instead they ‘nom’ everything.

om nom nom nom

Some foods are harder to nom than others.

nom nom  nom turn nom nom

If you wonder what nomming sounds like, this kitty will give you an example

22 Comments to “Guide to LOLcats – Nomming”

  1. I Says:


  2. cusaeng Says:

    dood its nom nom nom ing.
    what do you mean wtf?

  3. Mrs. Robinson Says:

    Nom-ing, as in I am an evil cat and I am going to nom your hand off, then I will go straight for your face. Meow.

  4. i hate lolcats Says:

    you guys are totally awesome. like i love all of you so much for this. your [sic] idiots. stupid. morons. retards. i love you people

    *Admin. Not edited at all :)

  5. Hater of immature peole Says:

    “I hate lolcats” you are in idiot. I if you don’t like something, you don’t have to tell the world.

  6. LOL at Loser Says:

    If you hate lolcats….how did you come upon posting here?

  7. dandelion dreams Says:

    I love lolcats, I love the word nomming as well. I don’t love the hater of lolcats though.

  8. emo kids suck Says:

    nom is just a stupid word, the cats cute, but that word is just as dumb as meh, teh, and pwned…..all stupid non-words.

  9. Kerilyn Says:

    The pictures are awesome… the wording insane… (rolling my eyes) Who said cats have bad english and can’t spell?

  10. Fakenom Says:

    emokid-”nom is just a stupid word, the cats cute, but that word is just as dumb as meh, teh, and pwned…..all stupid non-words.”

    google definitions: “A word is a way of expressing language, that is assigned a certain meaning or theme. A word is a unit of language that carries meaning and consists of one or more morphemes which are linked more or less tightly together, and has a phonetical value.”

    Therefore, so long as you understand that teh is the, meh is me, pwned is domination in the past tense, and nom-ing is eating, then they are by definition words good sir, because they express meaning. Whereas asdlkfjhalsdkf would not be a word.
    –gtg nom nao

  11. Nona Mousy Says:

    “Nom” is an adorable noise that cats make when they’re eating too fast, or trying to talk with their mouths full. As such, it is not a “stupid non-word”, but an onomatopoeia. If you don’t know what that means, go look in a dictionary.

  12. dark squirrel prince Says:

    i like olives

  13. Georgie Doing Says:

    Pricless :-)

  14. Beatrice Says:

    Actually, cats are not the only one’s to “nom”. Dogs and people do it also. Ever see the soup commercial where the guy’s nameplate says “Num Yummy”? That is because he was “nomming” when asked his name. :)

  15. wobuffet3 Says:

    cute video ^^ wrong music choice >=( sounds sad

  16. adam Says:

    it has become a peeve of mine.. this stupid cat talk.

    grown people talking like idiots to be a part of a fad.


  17. B Says:

    i love little kittens so get more losers!

  18. darkcloyd Says:

    go fakemon! you rock

  19. Original Nom-er Says:

    Also, the Original Nom-er, as I’d like to call him, is definitely Cookie Monster. He was Om-nom-ing those cookies long before any of these so-called non-words became popular. So therefore, I deem Om-nom-nom-nom-ing worthy in my book. Boom.

    Oh, and go on saying how dumb it is or how dumb my comment is, It’s just the internet and I’ll never be on this page again anyway. Peace.

  20. shamanomnom Says:

    I agree!

  21. loler kitty Says:


  22. caitlyn Says:

    lol it is funny i wish my cat was like that one lolololol trolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

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