Cats are technically minded, often helping out with complex IT tasks such as upgrades…

RAM and rat are only one letter apart

Cats usually charge about £60 an hour

..or fixes.

Wait, he'll fix it

Often charts are required.

Cats make u teh st00pid


5 Comments to “Guide to LOLcats – Technical”

  1. Cinnamingirl Says:

    It’s probably not cool for you to post an xkcd comic here without linking back to the site or giving some sort of credit…

  2. admin Says:


    To be fair I set up the site before I really knew what I was doing, I have added the credit :)

  3. wobuffet3 Says:

    please add more pics =)

  4. B Says:

    :) these are so cute i love them make more

  5. B Says:

    <3 i have a cat too

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