LOLcats are notoriously bad at spelling and the use of grammar.

Cat's type in a special manner

Even the clever ones are rarely an exception.

Cat's are not illiterate

There is a certain skill in writing like a cat and not like an idiot ‘txt spkr’.

Cats misspell a lot of words but unlike text speak this not just an attempt to abbreviate. the best way to determine if you’re writing like a cat is to repeat (in your head or otherwise) what you has said in a high pitched voice.

If it sounds like a cat or a baby then it’s probably LOLcat speak. If it sounds liek something you has got to decipher then it is no LOLcat speak.

Some basic word changes are below, but these words can be spelled correctly and still be LOLcat speak depending on how many other words are misspelled. Cat’s won’t change so many words as to sound stupid.

  • Hi = hai

  • Like = liek

  • Has = have

  • I am = I is or I’z

  • They = dey

  • That = dat

As with any language the best way to be learnings is by being immersed in it. The more you can be readings LOLcat speak they more you will be learnings it.

If you want to see what a normal sentence would look like in LOLcat speak just type it into the comment box below and it will automatically translate it for you.


223 Comments to “Guide to LOLCats – Grammar”

  1. admin Says:

    Okay, thiz iz a test to see ov teh lolcat filtr workz, LOL. Let’z try teh above wordz.

    Oh Hai, I wud liek to haz dat pleez.

    I iz very interestd in how dey work, LOL.

    Post nd find owt time.

  2. sonja Says:

    i hart-z lol catz…

  3. Barcode Says:

    Oh Hai,

    Mah name iz barcode nd i liek thiz site almost as much as I liek cheeseburgerz.

    Can I haz moar picturez pleez.

  4. lisa Says:

    Ok. I’z tryin thiz….

    Oh mah god!!!1! I luv lolcatz! Dey’re teh best kittiez evr, way bettr than normal onez. Dey’re very funny.

  5. Mr.Scoodles Says:

    Nya… we don’t speak liek thiz does we? Oh god… mebbeh we does… oh well I’z not gud wit computerz, so i guesz iz normal.

    Hey guyz anyone noes where i can score sum catnip!!!1!

    okay, thankyou bye!

  6. lisa Says:

    i think ur pretty

  7. Alex Says:

    Teh rain in Spain fallz mainly on teh plain.

    How now brown cow, LOL?

    I’z hungry; it iz lunch-time, nd I does not noes wut to eat.

  8. Chandra Says:

    I waz wonderin if thiz will akshully work. Let test it.

  9. Jeyy Says:

    Okay so letz see how thiz workz owt.

    I think catz are perfect nd i liek dem almost as much as puddin!!

  10. walala Says:

    I iz sittin on a muffin

  11. walala Says:

    It iz workin! Letz celebrate!
    Wit catz nd muffinz

  12. tylor Says:

    i’z in ur website, stealinz ur origeyenality.

  13. Namagem Says:

    Heh, I’z goin to test thiz owt myself. Seemz to work for othr peepz, but I want to test it myself.

  14. Sage Says:

    Teh redundancy ov LOLCatz iz somewhat globally known; howevr, I still enjoy teh imagez for their anticz nd adorable felinez.

  15. Pablo Says:

    Thiz iz so fuckin crazy

  16. Kristopher Says:

    Yeah, I think I liek LOLcatz, LOL. I waz a bit skeptical at first, but I’ve learnd to appreciate teh simple humour in somethin dat’z moar complex than peepz give it credit for.

    Gud work.

    I enjoy it.

  17. R. Sue Says:

    Holy cow. Thiz iz kind ov incredible. I tend to lapse into lolspeak even in real life sometimez…

  18. Duckky Says:

    i luv mah pancakez wit milk pleez!

  19. Blastedt Says:

    A lolcat filtr on commentz iz a lot bettr than teh actual article -.-’

  20. pete Says:

    oh hai im a retard

  21. Catocaster Says:

    lol oh oh hai there. i wud liek to eat sum televisionz.

  22. Gilbs Says:

    Oh dear. Wut will teh intertubes think ov next, onve LOLCATS get too old?

    I’z goin to write a luv song about thiz.

  23. Kentifer Says:

    Oh Hai. I’z rly only in thiz for teh LOLcat translator.
    LOL!!!1! LOL!!!1!

    “I iz in ur closet. Outin ur gayz”

  24. somebodyy Says:

    hmm i wondr if thiz will work. Awwww!!!1! LOL!!!1! all teh othr comentz luk pretty interestin, so yeah, jus tryin it owt.

    thiz jus in : a rabid kitty kitteh haz gone loose nd we can not find him. Awwww!!!1! LOL!!!1! pleez halp find thiz lost kitty kitteh!!!!

  25. Lollol Says:

    I’z tryin it…

    Why oh hai there, it iz nice to see u!

  26. atkinds Says:

    whoa I can’t believe I’z typin in lolcat speak! I iz a lolcat now!!!!

    I’z in ur bedroom, stealin ur wife!

  27. lolol Says:

    Thiz iz sort ov ridiculouz, but I luv it.

  28. person Says:

    thiz iz cool! Awwww!!!1! I wondr why there aren’t moar commentz by now?

    Lol! Awwww!!!1!

    Mah, thiz iz goin to luk interestin…

  29. me Says:

    Today iz mah birthday! I iz finally 21! Let’z see how thiz turnz owt. Shud be fun…

  30. Robbie Says:


    O RLY?


    O NOES.

  31. BP Says:

    Oh Hai,

    LOLCatz haz made me laugh on a daily basiz!!!1! Moar LOLCATS!!!

  32. Vicky Says:

    catz are nice

  33. Vicky Says:

    oh oh hai so i likd thiz site alot but itz a bit durr

  34. rob s Says:

    lolcatz are teh best kind ov catz evr!!!1! i haz a cheizeburga.

    mah peep jus lovez dem. i jus luv dem. u does too, LOL.

    lolcat lovez u.

  35. rob s Says:

    peepz adore lolcatz, nd cheeseburgerz, nd double postz, nd accidentz, nd u, nd me, nd mah language, nd me, not u though

  36. micki Says:

    if i don’t see a lolcat every day i misz dem

  37. Jamie Says:

    Thiz iz a useful article, nd teh filtr on teh comment secshun iz pretty rad.

    I approve!

  38. rob Says:

    wud u liek to partake in mah soup?

  39. kt Says:

    I want to suck ur blood.

  40. CatSpaz Says:

    Thx for teh article nd teh nifty text filtr! LOL!!!1! LOLCatz ftw

  41. ashley Says:

    i rly liek lolcatz. especially teh little kitteh onez. Awwww!!!1! LOL!!!1! i haz ten fingerz nd ten toez. LOL!!!1! i akshully think dat lolspeak iz easy, i jus wantd to see if thiz filtr workd.

  42. Katie Says:

    Ooh pretty kitty. I liek kittiez. Dey’re so kewt.

  43. Kov Says:

    lolcat filterz, LOL? let meh get sumone speek nomal elnglish for ah sec

    thiz iz testin if thees filterz work if thiz followin text turnz owt in lolspeak, teh filterz work


  44. ssf Says:

    testin filtr, liek totally oh hai man

  45. AiRsTrIkE Says:

    Noes, I don’t want mah comment to be translatd.

  46. KWS Says:

    I liek LOLCATz, dey make me luagh.

  47. rkk Says:

    I mean, seriously, imagine if thees scientistz had trid recruitin 15 subjectz who drank at least five shotz ov vodka every day for 20 yearz? Dat iz, if dey cud find 15 subjectz who were still alive.

  48. Seriously? Says:

    LOLcatz speak iz quite possibly teh most annoyin new form ov communicashun to arise frum teh intertubes. Evr.

  49. Skinlo Says:

    Ok, letz see if thiz work.

    Basically, I haz nuffin bettr to does, which iz why I’z doin it.

  50. Anne:) Says:

    Thiz iz so much fun :)

  51. adam Says:

    so wat if weez putz in teh lolcatz firstz (test line)
    so wut if we put in teh lolcatz first

  52. BD Says:

    When in teh Course ov hoomun eventz it becomez necessary for one peepz to dissolve teh political bandz which haz connectd dem wit anothr nd to assume among teh powerz ov teh earth, teh separate nd equal stashun to which teh Lawz ov Nature nd ov Nature’z God entitle dem, a decent respect to teh opinionz ov mankind requirez dat dey shud declare teh causez which impel dem to teh separashun.

  53. Katie Says:

    Wut iz teh point ov lol kitteh speak? It iz demeanin to teh peepz who put capshunz on picturez dat akshully make sense.

  54. Josh Says:

    Haha Thiz iz hilariouz!!!

  55. tricky Says:

    Im catchin teh 1324 to flinderz street

  56. tricky Says:

    iz there a lolcat convertor i can download frum teh intertubes?

  57. Kaytee Says:

    Lol, thiz iz funny! LOL!!!1! I luv lolcatz!

  58. Kaytee Says:

    I haz two catz at mah house dat does lol worthy thinz all day!!!1!!!1! Teh sad thin iz, iz dat I don’t haz a camera.

  59. rlrule Says:

    I liek pie. I liek, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie, & apple pie!

  60. Louix Says:

    Heehee, thiz luks liek fun!! LOL!!!1! I luv LOLcatz, dey’re so adorable!! ^^ I wish I typd liek thiz all time, it wud be so fun. Noes, akshully, it wud be AWESOME!, LOL!

    Btw…I liek to draw :) hehe sry for sayin so :P

  61. emo kids suck Says:

    …………dat………iz………….teh………………….STUPIDEST…….way to talk…………..EVER

  62. Insult Comic Dog Says:

    Pleez feel free to kill teh previouz comment. I jus wantd to use teh translator

  63. flowerbarb Says:

    teh two catz I haz liek gingr cake nd melon

  64. flowerbarb Says:

    Taz wantz his tummy rubbd

  65. jasdsa Says:

    swell kittah thynx caerfuli

  66. diana Says:

    oh oh hai,

    i waz wonderin how everyone iz doin today?

  67. diana Says:

    oh oh hai,
    i iz lost. Awwww!!!1! are u gay?

  68. sam Says:

    how come u not answr me? iz somethin wrong. LOL!!!1! iz u gayz?

  69. sam Says:

    i liek chocolatez. im neverz goin to stop typin likez thiz.

  70. Dallas Says:

    O oh hai. i luv lolcatz speak. it keepz me on mah toez. kthxbai

  71. Dallas Says:

    it kinda messd up on teh oh hai but whatevr. kthxbai

  72. Dallas Says:

    By teh way, i luv BD’z, Declarashun ov independance!! LOL!!!1! haha kthxbai

  73. Dallas Says:

    Dillon Parsonz iz teh shit btw. i think i liek teh way bathtubz feel. now dat i gotz ur attenshun, i hate battletoadz. bye

  74. kilo Says:

    sez oh hai to mah little peep

  75. lord wonu Says:

    mebbeh 1 day teh whole world will speak usin thiz language…den again mebbeh not.. but why does mah catz luk at me funny when i show dem teh picturez..

  76. Kristen Says:

    I misz mah kitteh

  77. 57yo Says:

    So how doez thiz work, LOL? It jus changez everythin into teh tongue ov catz?

  78. purtyburdy Says:

    mah kitty doesnt liek teh lolcatz…she sayz dey are teh lamesauce.

  79. hooman Says:

    Happy LOL DAY 8/8

  80. LOL Says:

    Lol, lolcatz. Poor catz. I wondr how dey feel.

  81. kickflipninja Says:

    iz thiz for real? it automatically translatez text into lolcat speech? Awwww!!!1! U gotz programmerz to create teh code?

  82. bridgey Says:

    i haz a booboo, it needz moar kissez pleez?

  83. Zyzzyva Says:

    I want thiz filtr. How can I get it?

  84. CERNlurker Says:

    Must try! Awwww!!!1! Thiz iz awsome. I totally want thiz

  85. admin Says:

    Teh filtr can be had here

  86. what is this Says:

    wut iz thiz
    can i haz a new site pleez?

    okay thank u bye

  87. HB Says:

    I wish mah shavd wristz were even.

  88. danger ace Says:

    We ned a program dat cud accomplish thiz offline…

  89. Emo Says:

    I’z emo

    I luv cornerz

  90. KBTOYWORKS Says:

    I can write essay now?!

  91. Mabrey Says:

    Iz thiz seriously gonna work??

  92. stephen Says:

    i don’t believe it, LOL. i can’t believe it.
    can u rly make me sound liek a kewt, silly, somewhat evil mindd kitty?

  93. Russ Says:

    Excellent kitteh picturez!!!1! I luv dem. LOL!!!1! I don’t noes why dey are so funny to me, but kitteh picturez make me double ovr laughin. Teh rly gud onez dat iz.

  94. admin Says:

    Oh Noez, teh lolcat filtr iz barohken.

    Wait, I’ll fix it.

  95. Andrew617 Says:

    Well thiz iz rly random.

  96. biscuit Says:

    I liek teh fire place. i sit by it all night long wit grandpa. it will not burn me for i iz a kitteh, i iz above all dat.

  97. buiscit Says:

    LOL i want to learn moar lolcatz talk because it iz gud for mah family.

    Nowadayz men lead livez ov noisy desperashun.

  98. ROFFLECON Says:

    oh hai iam juxx hear two seeez where moar lol kittehz bez at hidin

  99. KG Says:

    LOLcatz are lesz hateful than Honda Fanboyz

  100. KG Says:

    Slit eye kitteh sayz Silence, Honda Fanboy

  101. mab2 Says:

    So thiz iz a lolcat translator, LOL? How about a lolcat babelfish dat will jus return teh translashun instead ov postin teh comment?

  102. jacobs Says:

    oh hai mate howz ya mate?i wud rly enjoi a trip to teh shopz to get a fish suppr nd a can ov pop

  103. pooface Says:

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  104. toast Says:

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    i eat little catz, i eat ur grandad, I EAT TOAST.

  105. Ken Says:

    So letz see how thiz workz. I LOVE chicken!

  106. Test Says:

    I iz on ur sleigh. Where are teh presentz?

  107. Test Says:

    Someone stole teh presentz!

  108. shel Says:

    U can haz mah harblz if it helpz othr kittenz

  109. shel Says:

    How about thiz. LOL!!!1! I’z gettin gud at lol speak

  110. LOLcat - Putting words on it makes it funny. | Says:

    [...] u haz noes idea why thiz iz funny, why not check owt teh guide to lolcatz page, LOL. Stumble [...]

  111. test2 Says:

    i’m in ur shirt stayin warm

  112. wobuffet3 Says:

    Oh Hai, thiz iz wobuffet3, LOL! I luv ur website! LOL[I luv]CATS

  113. Jacob Says:

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  114. victor Says:

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  115. Juleh Says:

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  116. Sparky Says:

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  117. Sparky Says:

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  118. Slappy Says:

    Yez, nd how many earz must one man haz
    B4 he can hear peepz cry?

  119. Slappy Says:

    Let’z go, capitalz

  120. Yppals Says:

    Can I haz teh Audio listenin experience now, pleez?

  121. Yppals Says:

    Dat’z one small step for catz, one giant leap for catkind!

  122. Oscat Says:

    Mah hoomun likez to touch himself, LOL.

    He molestd himself twice while I waz writin thiz.

    I liek walkz nd cloudy dayz, LOL.

    I iz not for eatin.

  123. Amyyy :) Says:

    I luv LOLcatz :)

    It rockz mah cotton sockz, LOL!

    Dey are teh funniest thinz in teh whole damm world, LOL! :)

  124. Cat_Cat_Cat Says:

    LOLcatz are grate, dey made mah day

  125. LittleOne Says:

    I iz likin thiz site pleez give me moar LolCatz to laugh at ^^ okay thx bye

  126. Malueno Says:

    I b talkin liek diz on WoW for teh last nien yarz, nd i didnt kno lolcatz langoage waz liek diz! I b surpraisd how gud ju lolcatz talk. Awwww!!!1! Niez jobb gayz!
    (I’ve been talkin liek thiz on WoW for teh last nine yearz, nd i didnt noes lolcatz language waz liek thiz! Awwww!!!1! I iz surprisd how gud u lolcatz talk. Nice job guyz.)
    Haha. But thiz iz akshully how i talk on wow ^^

  127. jebidiah Says:

    i iz likin thiz website very much

  128. gtrywrs Says:

    Oh Hai.

    It iz a gift for u, LOL.

    Thiz one cannot break, LOL.


  129. Weeee Says:

    Haz noes fear, teh piktur haz been sent to teh correct hoomun.

  130. spooook Says:

    To be, or not to be, dat iz teh kweshun:
    Whethr ’tiz noblr in teh mind to suffr
    Teh slinz nd arrowz ov outrageouz fortune,
    Or to take armz against a sea ov troublez
    Nd by opposin end dem. To die—to sleep,
    Noes moar; nd by a sleep to sez we end
    Teh heart-ache nd teh thousand natural shockz
    Dat flesh iz heir to: ’tiz a consummashun
    Devoutly to be wish’d!!!1! Awwww!!!1! To die, to sleep

  131. admin Says:

    Lol, nice work spooook. Perhapz we shud does othr playz nd workz in lolcat :)

  132. MEOWERS Says:

    oh gnoez@(%@#^

  133. Harblz Says:

    Lolspeak iz teh best language

  134. imtherabbit Says:

    How does u sez humanz?

  135. imtherabbit Says:

    ahh thank a bunch

  136. imtherabbit Says:

    iz nice

  137. bo Says:

    pretend cannonball

  138. bo Says:

    I’z goin to faint while I’z waitin

  139. Bob Says:

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  140. Deanna Says:

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  141. Emily Says:

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  142. Helen Says:

    Keep up teh gud work!!!
    Brin moar imagez nd grammar!!!

  143. Nicol Sigerson Says:

    I haz a weird foto album.

    Or, Here iz a weird foto album.

  144. Nicol Sigerson Says:

    Thees picturez are strange.

  145. Nicol Sigerson Says:

    I iz ur baby

  146. Nicol Sigerson Says:

    I iz a bad kitty

  147. Nicol Sigerson Says:


  148. Nicol Sigerson Says:


  149. Nicol Sigerson Says:

    thiz seat iz taken

  150. Nicol Sigerson Says:

    I will destroy u all

  151. anon Says:

    thiz iz a test ov teh LOLcat comment box. hee

  152. Lesley Says:

    I does not understand teh workinz ov thiz lolcatz thin. How doez it make me sound moar liek a kitteh? I think it jus makez mah language unsofisticatd nd dull, LOL. Dat’z jus mah view.

  153. Wat Says:

    O oh hai there, how u’z all doin? Awwww!!!1! o by teh way i haz a cheezeburgur

  154. LOLcat Says:

    Wow… Thiz iz rly cool so let’z test. Dat’z rly cul.

  155. Seeairuh Says:

    thiz waz too kewt not to share.

  156. Just need this for a caption Says:

    Why are u alwayz teh little spoon?!

  157. Humus Says:

    I iz very angry about teh terrible grammar usd on thiz website. Awwww!!!1! Many children be influencd poorly.

  158. tigeraccollins Says:

    doez thiz akshully work. i iz obsessd wit lolcatz.

  159. Sarah Says:

    Invizbl Rollr Coastr. U’re doin it right.

  160. Kit Says:

    who doez’nt luv kewt cool lolcatz, LOL!

    letz test thiz shit

    scard u might be but teh lolcakez are for me.

  161. ntab Says:

    thiz iz an astoundin fenomenon…hilariouz

  162. ntab Says:

    can’t get enough ov dose dyslexic catz

  163. neithh Says:

    teh lolcatz bible iz utterly blasfemouz…can’t stop laughin

  164. neithh Says:

    to be or not to be…dat iz teh kweshun…
    Whethr ’tiz noblr in teh mind to suffr
    Teh slinz nd arrowz ov outrageouz fortune,
    Or to take armz against a sea ov troublez
    Nd, by opposin, end dem. To die, to sleep
    Noes moar – nd by a sleep to sez we end

  165. Cobrabyte Says:

    lol wow thiz iz crazy who wud haz though dat thiz lolcat iz funny lol

  166. les Says:

    oh hai
    i liek ur videoz dey are very kewt nd funny

    im on about numbr 48 so gettin there
    keep it up

  167. les Says:

    Teh path ov teh righteouz man iz beset on all sidez by teh iniquitiez ov teh selfish nd teh tyranny ov evil men!!!1, LOL! Blessd iz he, who in teh name ov charity nd gud will, sheferdz teh weak thru teh valley ov darknesz, for he iz truly his brothr’z keepr nd teh findr ov lost children.
    Nd I will strike down upon thee wit grate vengeance nd furiouz angr dose who wud attempt to poyzun nd destroy mah brotherz. Nd u will noes mah name iz teh Lord when I lay mah vengeance upon thee.

  168. da Chief Says:

    Anyone for Bocce Ball? Awwww!!!1! Anyone can win a trofy. I mean anyone! But it helpz if u come in third…

  169. PeachCat Says:

    Are u on vacashun? PeachCat iz waitin patiently for a LOLcat speak translashun. U noes how diffikult it iz for a kitteh to be patient unlesz quietly hidin owt to catch a mouse or to pounce on u.

  170. Sama-san-senpai-kun Says:

    Mah glassez , I broke dem

  171. lalala Says:

    i luv thiz soooooooooooooooo much :D

  172. lalala Says:

    ohmygod, teh cheese iz comin to check LOL-catz grammar! EVERYONE HIDE ME QUICKNESS!!

  173. moe Says:

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  175. coco Says:

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  176. valerianna Says:

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  177. jc Says:

    i hope thiz comment won’t turn to lolcat speak O.o

  178. jc Says:

    but it akshully did O.o

  179. jc Says:

    thiz comment box iz amazin. i iz so ignorant i’m doin it again for teh lol XD

  180. Lizza Says:

    I hope thiz workz, LOL!

    Oh Hai, nd I can spell perfectly!

  181. Fifi Says:

    Thiz website makez mah day. I get to annoy co workerz :)

  182. Ceiling cat Says:

    Lookin as i does frum teh high ground dat iz occupid by me, i can honestly declare dat teachin peepz to speak leik in a mannr dat iz understandable to basement kitteh, doez not serve teh purrpoez ov mah exaltd posishunz.

  183. Runefolk Says:

    I liek LOLspeak whaha I want to learn moar about it!

  184. Nemeon Says:

    Now thiz iz somethin I haz to see.

  185. deedee31 Says:

    I will now kill u wit mah lazr vision!!!1! PREPARE TO DIE

  186. kalpo Says:

    mostly causd by spellin change

  187. Loi Says:

    Oh Hai,

    I’z akshully studyin lolcatz as part ov mah linguisticz assignment! Iz so interestin! Awwww!!!1! I rly wondr who’z idea thiz waz…someone wit a sense ov humour who absolutely lovez catz, ay?

    :o )

  188. Loi Says:

    Teh Death Ov English: An Analysiz Ov Cyberlanguage

    Hey – jus thought I’d put thiz up = teh title ov mah linguisticz essay – so I can see wut it wud luk liek in kitty speak! LOL!!!1! :o D

  189. Andreas Says:

    U are so clevr. U deserve a big smug.

  190. kRISTY Says:

    holy kitteh! kitteh language iz sooo kewt! i luv it!!!1!

    i iz a licensd kitteh translator!!! lol…, LOL. :D

  191. Holly Says:

    I luv ur site itz very helpful =)
    Nd lolcatz are jus soooo kewt <3

  192. Scooter Says:

    hey i haz a kitteh namd Harry. he watchez moviez about monkeyz wit mah stupid brothr. doez dat count as a seriouz talent?

  193. kmp Says:

    Ok, let’z see how thiz workz. LOL!!!1! Thx for puttin up wit me, peep.

  194. raer Says:

    Oh, oh hai there. I wud liek to inquire as to why I iz speakin liek an LOLcat.

  195. Bambi Says:

    Bambi haz noes tail

  196. ewo Says:

    does teh kittiez liek teh house too?

  197. Someone... Says:

    Thiz iz weird… Why does catz talk liek thiz again? Nd who sez catz even DO talk. LOL!!!1! I sense sum major flawz here.

  198. Someone... Says:

    LOL!!!1! LOL!!!1!

    Ha, LOL. Translate THAT.

  199. v Says:

    I turnd teh volume up thiz mornin
    till there waz ringin in mah earz
    i haven’t felt thiz gud in yearz
    Anothr villain on teh covr
    ov every major magazine

  200. deanna Says:

    Give me joos

  201. deanna Says:

    whoa thiz iz cool

  202. Eener123 Says:

    haha!!! LOL!!!1! thiz iz so cool!!!! Awwww!!!1! LoL

  203. Sara Says:

    i luv thiz! thiz iz EPIC!!!!!!1! can i haz a cookie now!!!

  204. Sara Says:


  205. KuruKitsune Says:

    Doez thiz akshully translate?

    If so…. Can I haz a cheeseburgr?

  206. KuruKitsune Says:

    Awsum! It workd!

  207. KuruKitsune Says:

    Thiz iz so funny :3

  208. KuruKitsune Says:

    curse u villain

  209. E Says:

    Lol lol lol lol I luuuuuuuv lolcatz talk can I haz chizz brgr

  210. Catz Says:

    One day, I’ll be a poptart poopin owt rainbowz.

  211. Lolcat Chilli Says:

    How long, How long, will i slide, separate mah side? Awwww!!!1! i don’t i don’t believe iz bad. Slithin mah throat iz all i evr.

  212. » Blog Archive The Little Robot That Could Take on the Ironman Challenge - blur Designs Says:

    [...] dat not havin a workin grasp ov grammar won’t hold u back. But everyone likez lookin at adorable thinz on teh intertubes, but [...]

  213. Kittengirl Says:

    Bitchez be rollin’ on teh high-street motherfuckr

  214. Cat91 Says:

    Mah powr iz to bend temporal time linez

  215. magick Says:

    Dose ov uz humanz call “petz” save u as often as u save uz. We’re helpin each othr.

    Get ur peepz to sez yez to adopshun nd noes to breederz, pleez

  216. magick Says:

    U noes I luv u for givin me a forevr home, LOL. But pleez remembr thiz

  217. Baz Says:

    Oh Hai, mah name iz Barry, I liek catz nd cheeseburgerz.

  218. Josh Says:

    When I waz
    A young boy,
    Mah fathr
    Took me into teh city
    To see a marchin band.

    He sez,
    “Son when
    U grow up,
    Wud u be
    Teh savior ov teh broken,
    Teh beaten nd teh damnd?”
    He sez
    “Will u
    Defeat dem,
    U demonz,
    Nd all teh non believerz,
    Teh planz dat dey haz made, LOL?

    Because one day
    I’ll leave u,
    A fantom
    To lead u in teh summr,
    To join teh black parade.”

  219. Blarg Says:

    I don’t noes how thiz workz, but whatevr. LOL!!!1! Also, I think dat sum ov zhe kitteh grammar dat peepz left owt in teh list iz thiz:

    “teh” can also = “zhe”
    “don’t” = “dun”
    “iz” = “ez”

  220. Blarg Says:

    wow, thiz translashun to kitteh grammar iz amazin. If u want to sound awsum, make shur u jus type in whatevar u want in thiz text box, submit it, nd den sez it teh way it iz on teh screen as a submittd comment. Iz typically amazin!

  221. Blarg Says:

    Iz wundurr if teh kittehz can translay anytin to kitteh gramma.

    a hin a din a durgen

  222. Blarg Says:

    Although I hesitate to perorate, I must also abstain frum procrustean endeavorz. Hence, I shall postprandially defenestrate all callipygouz revenantz, offerin dem as deodandz, nd return to mah ctenofilia.

    It iz entirely farcical to assert dat one can ascertain intellect frum several nugatory wordz, nd one’z dicshun!!!1, LOL!

    I iz acquaintd wit a fatuouz gentleman who likez to peruse palimpsestz, LOL.

    I liek turtlez.

  223. Blarg Says:

    fart poot lolz

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