LOLcat – Blarg, iz dying

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34 Comments to “LOLcat – Blarg, iz dying”

  1. My name looks daft Says:

    I like your website; I will share this with friends

  2. Alice Says:


  3. petehix Says:

    I like your website; I will share this with friends

    (Alice, you spelt “I like your website; I will share this with friends” wrong)

  4. Jak Says:

    I don’t know if you have anything to do with this….but I’ve seen a ton of great cat pics that could have great tagline…yet whoever is putting them together is either completely illiterate by misspelling words like “is” and spelling it “iz” or somehow think it is funny or endearing for the viewer. Personally I find it annoying as hell, but that is just me.

    Cute picture none the less.


    “I vent because I can and feel compelled to on occasion”

  5. admin Says:

    Lol, Jak, I think you’re missing the point.

    Check out the lolcat guide to grammar for more info.

  6. waxing idiom Says:

    i’m afraid she’s right, jak. lolcat is an incredibly vapid and actively cultivated form of internet lingo kept alive by some inconceivable army of internet morons, but it is here to stay.

    you don’t need quotation marks for the last line in your comment

  7. Prodnose Says:

    Hooray for LOLcats! Silly language or not, they often make my day!

  8. Mousey Says:

    The silly language is on purpose, people! It’s supposed to be so stupid it’s funny, at least IMHO. C’mon, people, cats are smart. This is a collection of silly things they do, together with silly, misspelled words.

  9. Jak Says:

    What a shame, it seems our language declines more and more with each passing day. Growing up I was always taught to speak and spell correctly so you may be understood. Now I understand that this is purely for adding much needed humor to a world that greatly needs it, however I can’t help but think that the more these types of lingo proliferate, the less inclined we become to spell check our daily communication with the rest of the world. Already I receive daily emails from colleagues and friends that are rife with all these types of abbreviations and net speak that I often think the English language is surely headed down the road of no return.

    I have to say I VERY seldom ever make comments like this, and all of you seem like fine people that have not taken my comments personally, which is why I decided to elaborate on the issue. I too am guilty of using a limited set of abbreviations on IRC, but I have curtailed that in recent years. Since those days, the net vocabulary and vernacular has expanded exponentially, it’s just so disconcerting. I love pictures of cats that are humorous and cute, but the lingo just ruins it for me. As much as I understand that it will most likely not disappear any time too soon, I certainly hope that some pictures will remain untarnished by this type of captioning.

    Thanks for reading, and the replies thus far. I hope I haven’t ticked anyone off, nor wilted their enthusiasm for the cute cat pictures that fill many pages on the net.


    I vent because I can and feel compelled to on occasion – (better?)

  10. Donna Says:

    The captions on the lolcats photos are supposed to be written as if the cat wrote it. Obviously, cats can’t write, or type for that matter. However, if they could, for humors sake, their grammar and spelling would probably be sub par. Hence, we have the lolcats captions written at a pre-school level. Funny, no?

  11. Emily Russell Says:

    Re: Jak

    You really need to read up on a subject before sharing your opinions about it. I never thought I’d have to explain lolcats to anyone, but clearly you are missing the point of their humour. The joke is that the cats can’t spell correctly, not that people can’t spell correctly. Also, “iz” isn’t the substitute for “is”, it’s a substitute for “I am”.

    See also: Dunning-Kruger Effect

  12. chopps Says:

    Language is a fluid and everchanging medium. Look at the english language just a couple hundred years ago, some words are almost unidentifyable while others had completely different meanings. This is how it will be in another two hundred years. It is how language works. Learn to relax, Jak! LOL!!!!

  13. David M Says:


    OH COME ON!!! I can’t believe people are offended by the grammar used here.

    As respondants have said, this is NOT as a result of a degradation of language and it is done 100% purposefully to sound as if the cat wrote the caption.

    My advice: Get a life, get a sense of humour, get off of your high horse, get down off of your unjustified moral high ground, loosen up, chill out, and don’t browse the internet if you can’t understand it.

    Man, life must be one unending frustration to you guys. I pity you.

  14. chopps Says:


  15. Natovr Says:

    Hahahaha!!!!!! I love it! Stumbled and saved.

    @Jak: I feel sorry for you. No sence of humor.

  16. Natovr Says:

    (oops, forgot to add:)


  17. chris Says:


    petehix: no, she didn’t. But you spelled “spelt” wrong.

  18. admin Says:

    Actually Chris, both forms of the word are correct.

    I prefer “spelled” in most circumstances though.

  19. Johny Says:


    I’m from Holland, but don’y you write ‘nonetheless’ in one word?

    Just a thought…

  20. admin Says:

    This seems to be turing into a spelling and grammar blog :D

    Yes, “nonetheless” is one word.

  21. Another SPAG-nazi Says:

    Well, if Turing is involved then at least it’ll be intelligent, however artificially.

  22. NamelessIdentity Says:

    Good ol’ Stumble…

    Anywho, Just to toss in my comment here…
    I do believe Shakespeare Invented a bunch of words himself to speak English in a different way and now it’s just happening again to fit in with our ever-changing world ^^ Except this time it seems the words are being made up by cats ^^ Heheh

  23. meredithann Says:

    Okay… in medical transcription and legalese language and grammar is extremely important… but, hey, we’re lookin’ at a fun cat thingie on the internet. Get over it – Good Lord

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  27. Jess. Says:

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  28. admin Says:

    Lol. Roger, wilco.

  29. Valencia Says:

    Oh my goodness, are people really spazzing out about LOL Cat grammar? Uhm. Wow, that’s a bit special :] It’s supposed to be written that way, people, that’s what makes is so much fun :D
    Anyway, this is so cute~ Lolcats/Loldogs make my days happy~

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  32. Lease Says:

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  33. Rebecca Says:

    i just love this picture! my friends and i lol about it!

  34. Andrew Says:

    My mother didn’t understand lolcats either. She told me that a foreigner with “Chinese English” must be making them all.

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