LOLcat – Where the fuck am I?

Written by admin on July 28, 2008 – 3:44 pm -

We've all been there

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13 Comments to “LOLcat – Where the fuck am I?”

  1. karen Says:

    that cat is on crack!!!

  2. A Says:

    Very cute!

  3. kimberly Says:

    how fucking adorable!

  4. Leah Says:

    thats so cute ^^

  5. zoey Says:

    Ha this is my fav lol cat! makes me laugh everytime!

  6. dadafdg Says:

    “Where the fuck am I?…No,wait…Who the fuck am I and WHAT THE FUCK WAS I DRINKIN’?”

  7. zzz Says:

    wtf who gives a **** where this cat is, where the fuck am I?

  8. aaaa Says:

    i’m in front of a big statue, i live on sukhimvit, how do i get home? plz help

  9. face Says:

    lol, the empty bottle laying on the ground is the best part.

  10. Sara Says:

    Hi it’s very cute

  11. kermit Says:

    lol zombie cat d:)

  12. crichton55 Says:

    you’re in Narnia, bitch

  13. Dar Says:

    and then dog said, whats the harm in one drink

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